20 April 2011

What's Up Next?

Of course, if I make something else interesting, or eat at a interesting place, I'll blog about that too. I'm also thinking about doing a semi-weekly feature focusing on a basic technique for people unskilled in the kitchen, and an even less regular feature interviewing people in the food service world.

Pictorials/How to make:
Cong You Bing- Chinese scallion flatbread
Shao Bing- Chinese sesame flatbread
Niu Rou Xian Bing- Chinese beef/flatbread roll.
Jian Bing- Chinese crepe with egg cooked on one side
Injera- Ethiopian sourdough crepe
Char Sui- Chinese BBQ pork
Xiao Long Bao- Soup dumplings
Sheng Jien Bao- Panfried steamed bao
Daal with Pumpkin
Vietnamese 'Sate-style' Hot Sauce

Equipment Reviews:
Unicorn Mills Magnum Peppermill
My new scale


  1. Can you post a recipe for Niu Rou Xian Bing? I love this and have been looking for a way to make this, particularly the sauce that the beef is marinated in.

  2. You can braise it in 'master sauce.' The roll itself gets a smear of sweet flour sauce or hoisin sauce. Leek sauce or siracha type sauce could also be good.

    I didn't realize I misspelled it until you posted.

    Niu Rou Xian Bing is something entirely different. It's a clump of ground meat (like dumpling filling) wrapped in dough, shaped like a puck, and then fried on both sides.

    I meant to say Niu Rou Juan Bing.