10 April 2011

Jiaozi Flavors Notebook 1

I've been playing around with jiaozi for a while now. Since I'm experimenting with different flavor combinations for nearly every batch, I figure I better keep track of them lest the details get lost. Sorry for the lack of traditionally formatted recipes. I think in the Le Repertoire de Cuisine format, which is pretty much a list of ingredients and culinary short hand as an aid to memory. At some point I will get around to standardizing and writing out a recipe for some of the more used mixes.

Recently Tried

Pork and Garlic Chive
Pork and  Celery: I used pencil thin chinese celery because it was on sale, but I think western celery can be used.
Pork, Black Mushroom, and Chrysthamum Greens: Very successful combo. Used some of the mushroom soaking liquid in the mix. I think other peppery greens can be substituted for the chrysanthemum greens/tung ho. I'm planning on trying it with daikon leaf soon. Used fish sauce and a tiny bit of brown sugar in the seasonings. Spinach is also a classic
Tofu, Preserved Mustard Stem, and Tung Ho: Used blanched instead of salt purged tung ho. I now favor salting. Very loose filling due to lack of binding, considering adding egg next time.

To Try
Beef/Lamb with Cumin and Cilantro
Pork and Dill
Chicken, ginger, and pinenut
Kimchi Mandu: Pork/chicken? Tofu, old cabbage kimchi
Chicken/Pork and Sweet Corn
Red Oil Water Dumpling: Pork, schezuan peppercorn, jicama/water chestnut.
Somthing with Shredding Pumkin: kobocha. Could also use other types of winter squash I guess.
Meat with Greenbeans: Waiting for them to come into season and on sale.

Old Combinations That Need To Be Retried
Pork and Chicken and Cabbage: Originally used slaw mix for the cabbage component, so could add some shredded carrot. Flavor profile included garlic, sesame oil, and pepper (IIRC black).
Beef and Orange Zest: I think I also added some dry red chili as well.

Basic Flavor Profile: Soy sauce, shao xing wine, ginger, scallion, garlic. Been omitting garlic because most of my dipping sauces have lots of crushed garlic in them.

Dough: So far I've only used a cold water dough made from AP flour.

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