19 April 2011

Review: Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Around about 5pm today, I was surfing the web and hit on Kogi's website, http://kogibbq.com . According to their schedule, their truck would be my dad's neighborhood tonight. My dad's a sucker for Korean BBQ. It was one of his signature dishes (He swears by Ebara brand sauce/marinade). I knew he'd be down for it. One phone call and a couple hours later, my dad and I were standing in line. Kogi is one of the most hailed concepts of the Southern California food truck revolution. They feature a fusion of Korean BBQ meats and flavors, on a Mexican platform.

 The truck.
There was a decent sized crowd. Always at least 5-10 people in line, and about the same waiting for food. The wait wasn't too bad. I wasn't timing or anything, but I think we spent around 10-20 at the truck, and that included time to figure out the menu and waiting to order.

Here's what we had:

 Short Rib Taco $2.10 a la carte

The short rib taco was probably the best of what we had. The bbq was some of the best I've ever had, with some nice char. It was totally boneless very little sinew/cartilage bits, a nice bonus. The website menu calls the cut 'short rib trimmings.'

Blue Moon Mulitas $3 for one/$5 for two

 This was my least favorite. Basically it's a quesadilla filled with Korean bbq chicken and chedder cheese. It's topped with their orange flavored salsa, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The flavors didn't really do it for me, and the mulitas were undercooked. They gotta be crispy folks!

Spicy Pork Burrito $5 
 Inside the burrito 
The burrito wasn't too bad. It featured some nice Korean style spicy pork. I think it was even char grilled a little, which worked well with the gochuchang marinade.

The Good:
- Really, really, really good korean BBQ. I'd be happy with a bowl of rice and some bbq.
- Accessible fusion food.
- Decent value. We each got a combo #2; 1 burrito, 1 taco, and a drink (canned soda) for 8 bucks.

The Bad:
- Everything was sweet. Oh so sweet. Just about too sweet too eat for me. This I think was unbalanced when combined with the Mexican elements. That lime wedge with the taco made a HUGE difference for the better.
- Meh salsas. I didn't like the salsa naranja much, but that might have just been in combination with the mulitas. I'll be sure to ask for some on the side next time so I can investigate them further.
- Undergriddled tortillas for tacos, so they didn't lose they stale texture and taste that tortillas get if they aren't super fresh. Already mentioned the under cooked mulitas.
- Where's my kimchi, bro?!?! That kimchi looking stuff is just a slaw of lettuce and cabbage with some sort of soy-sesame-chili sauce. I found out later, if you want real kimchi, the tangy fermented stuff, it's an extra charge.

The Ugly:
- Not real convenient. You can't just pop down if you're in the mood for a bulgogi taco. You need to plan ahead, otherwise the truck could on the other side of town or out of service for the day. You'll need to keep an eye on their website and twitter. This is a fault of the new wave food truck business model, not this truck in particular.
- If you want your food to go (and you will because it's a freaking food truck), you have to wrap the food up and bag it yourself. I counted 5-6 guys inside the truck. At least one of them could put a frigging lid on my tacos.

Would You Go Again?:

My dad liked it, and he'd go again. I would go at least once more. I want to try their version of a burger, and their desserts; a chocolate tres leches cake, and some sort of siracha flavored chocolate rice crispy turtle bar. I'd also bring some tea or beer to drink. The food is just too sweet to drink with the soda or juice they offer.

Review In One Sentence:
Good Korean style BBQ, the rest needs work.

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  1. The pork was delicious and just spicy enough to make me sweat. The cheese was used with restraint so it din't turn into a cheesy mess. Best Food Truck In LA