20 April 2011

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

Just picked up the scale from the post office. It seems like a pretty good scale. Lightweight, fast read, and runs on AAA batteries rather then some exotic type. Here's the one I got and a link so you can get one too, if you want:

I will test its accuracy later. It weighed my full water bottle (a recycled Powerade bottle) in at 1018 g. The bottle has a rated capacity of 946ml (or 946g of water), but I didn't tare out the bottle weight, and I overfilled it. All in all, my rough guess is that it's accurate. It amazes me you can really accurate scientific type scales at Amazon for about the same price or less, as well as calibration weights. Not sure when I'd need to measure out 0.001g of Salt though. Maybe if it was for molecular gastronomy...

Hopefully I'll get to see how it performs in the kitchen, tonight. Right now I'm weighing stuff in my office. It will also take a while to see how it fares, endurance wise. If  it craps out in less then a year, expect a post full of profanity and broken dreams.

The precious...(and my pasty palm)

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